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​healing made simple

reset your bio-computer (identification system) and you will be healthy

patent 0332/2007

by Antoon Soetens chemical engineer    inventor - research  resident: Tenerife


bio Antoon Soetens


Industrial Engineer Chemistry 1965


  1966: biological and clinical research center Simon Stevens Institute in Bruges.

            Director Dr. Peeters advised me by letter to do research.


  1968 - 1971: research in the nutrition sector in Johannesburg, South Africa


  1972 to date: independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds,

                        the most important achievements:


  * 1973 co-founder Soraj bvba: shops (8) of fabrics.

  * 1976 founder Interflock bvba - textile printing -

     exclusive rights (T-shirts - place mats) Smurfs until 1981


   * 1980 freelance IMG World London Mark McCormack 1980-1988

              first personalized tennis towel: Bjorn Borg (1980) - Jimmy Connors (1982)

              in 1983 I told Peter Worth (IMG) Bjorn Borg should start a company of underwear.


   * 1982 Sept: design of world´s first grand slam tennis towel for Wimbledon

                      exclusive rights: production and distribution in Europe of the Wimbledon tennis towel (1983 - 1988)


   * 1982. Nov.  silver medal invention exhibition Geneva: "Solar roof tile"


   * 2000: invention to determine the offside rule in football with transmitters.


   * 2003: discovery: the offside law has a technical check error:

               the assistant must determine the exact time of two movements in different places

               without having to hold a freedom of movement:


   * 2007: Invention "healing made ​​simple" patent 2007/0332

                A Norwegian professor designates me as the "engineering doctor"


   * 2015 28 Sept. I am able to reactivate the Thymus, what would mean immunity disorders that cause cancers +

             the HIV disease + ... can be cured. The production of the T lymphocytes is reactivated !

   * 2017 discovery of a biological dental​ filling product, tests are going on with success​,

              there are even indications of the restoration of the tooth.