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Healing Made Simple​
by Antoon Soetens      chemical engineer - inventor
The invention:
If one understands the complexity than the solution can be simple.

10 Years ago, I had serious health problems: diabetes, poor circulation, immunity disorders, digestive disorders, metabolic disorder, memory and concentration disorders, heavy sweating ... but I cured myself, I discovered the secrets of Nature.
I´m started from scratch and everything was questioned.
The answer was: the Man and Nature are a mass of living cells (microorganisms) but no one living cell is well known however there must be a relationship between the Man and Nature.

We live on planet Earth which is a magnet, so all particles from man and nature have magnetic properties, but the physical properties are not well known..
Our body is 100% biological with living cells which are organized and charged (vibration) by​​ magnetic energy,
You should feel the magnetic vibration from head to toe, if not you have a disorder.
How the living cells are organized and recharged by the magnetic energy nobody knows, this is the secret of planet Earth and the Universe.
Your body cannot be treated with organic product that do​​ not contain living cells, so the drugs (pills) poison your body and do not cure ! -  side effects are evidence !
So ​there must be another solution: 

topically treatment with natural products, (living cells) but on which areas ​​- zones?

I checked the body by using "a finger " (chic) to push in certain zones and sometimes it was painful which means​ "I need help"
Conclusion: if the biological system possesses a disorder it emits signals to specific zones​​​ to get help..
The first signals are on the head: zones of the bio magnetic computers.
​If the signals are treated with a natural product (living cells), the signals, pain and disorder disappear​​ and man is back happy and healthy:  without side effects !
If the first signals are not treated, the weakest part of the bio magnetic system will be attacked and one get sick.
The second signals + much more ... will be commented in your health book.
Healing is personalized only tour biological system can restore a disorder.
At every treatment . physically or psychically . your biological system will select the necessary living cells to trigger a reaction in order to do a recovery, whatever the kind of disorder may bethe kind of disorder is no more of interest, your biological system knows what to do !!!  - a revolution in medicine !
Your personalized health book heals and prevents ALL disorders, aging, lost of memory.... more it will reactivate your DNA and all your qualities ! you will become another person: agreeable​ and plenty of love and creativity !

Please order your personalized health book: from 645 euro 2 disorders.
Please pay a royalty of 645 euros: bank account La Caixa :  Antoon Soetens
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the kind of illness is no longer of interest​: A REVOLUTION IN THE MEDICINE

This is no quackery, I have discovered Nature´s gift to heal the right way.

Only your organic-magnetic system has the solution and knows what to do: the invention.

At treatment a chain reaction is triggered (started) and restores the disorder, whatever it may be

 - your organic - magnetic system has billions of cells and each cell vibrates due to the magnetic energy.

-  the cells are grouped according to a certain function.

- at a disorder the cells of a function do not vibrate and the function is no longer active, in that case the organic system emits signals to get help.

- the locations of the signals and treatments were detected​.


- only your organic system possesses the solution

- everyone can heal itself without side effects

- we inform how to do it,

- you will extend your life with 20 years or more.

- you will prevent cancer. (cancer is the result of incorrect treatments and poisoned food)

- you will have a lifetime health.

- the solution is anti aging​ !!!

- you will increase your memory, IQ and creativity

- a doctor is necessary in case of an accident.


in view of the enormous opportunities I´m looking for corporation.​



Breaking news:

Diabetes, poor circulation, digestive problems, balance problems, defected bio-computers, ... were healed in 8 weeks !

A man (63 years) was treated for more than 15 years with insulin injections and blood thinners,
but nothing was cured, more doctors decided to amputate his toes because the circulation was poor .

1.5 years later his fingers got a poor circulation (feeling went away) and ​he was not able to walk 3 meters through​ the pain and balance problems.

At that time I met that person and he started treatment. (7 June 2016)

After one week the circulation was at full strength​ and three weeks later, the insulin injections were stopped and the digestive problems were gone. (7 August 2016)
He is present with his caravan traveling and called me "all goes well, thank you Antoon". 25 august 2016.

His present vitality is unbelievable , without any help he is walking and even dancing and trying to hit a ball. (the proof that his nervous system is also back into balance), see video:​



According to medicine it´s a miracle.

According to my invention it´s a normal response of the biological system: everything is back to normal.​​

Insulin injections do not cure, it just gives you a better feeling but it does not cure the cause.

insulin​ is chemical and is not accepted by the biological system

Side effects are evidence and damage your health, the weakest organ or system will be attacked.

For this reason the treatment is personalized.

The invention brings the solution.

Other testimonials:

 " the greatness of the invention is its simplicity "  - digestive complications were solved.

" the scientists look in the wrong direction"  -  a dentist got faulty bio-computers and a chronic headache.

" thank you, I start my bakery, my life dream" - problem:  burn-out, pressure in the head, bad circulation...

" we come to Tenerife to thank you" French family, - problem: poor circulation - metabolic system - motoric system -...

" Anton, thank you I´m all right, Peter invites you to play golf" - problem: disease of Crohn, after 4 years treatment with drugs, no result, after 6 weeks treatment the disease was gone.

" I never realized that health was such a pleasant experience" - problems: headache, tension in the head, metabolic disorders,
 hypertension, heart disorders,  poor circulation, motoric disorders, excessive sweating, memory disorder, mental disorder. After 10 weeks treatment . 70 % recovery, after 3 months treatment all systems were recovered, after 2 years:  the memory restored for 100 %: it means. our systems have many spare parts  but you have to order them according to the invention.

There are no limits: mental and physical diseases can be cured + you prevent cancer: if the body is not poisoned by drugs,
but you have to act immediately !

Breaking news:
I can reactivate the thymus gland, repair the cortex + ... according to the invention. areas of treatment has been discovered.

The actual problems and mistakes of the Western medicine

At the biologic magnetic system 
- nothing is known,
- even not 1 cell or molecule,
- even the properties are unprecedented.
So no one can treat this unprecedented biologic system with pills (drugs), injections, ... which are industrial chemical products without living cells,.... so BE HEALED IS IMPOSSIBLE , the side effects are a sign of rejection.

A scientist who claims I can cure a disease with pills and/or injections is not a honest scientist, because he knows in advance that the biologic system is unprecedented. The scientist must report "I have an impossible task"

The doctor must report "medications (pills,...) are an manipulation":
because the products are "packaged", so the mouth, our first filter, cannot check the contents, normally​ the mouth would respond: "spit out (emisis) that poison", Side effects and does not cure is the evidence of a manipulation.

The basis of the error: the biological system is not organic chemical but bio magnetic.
which means only natural products with living cells can cure because they possess the bio magnetic properties.

Please, when will the politicians and justice stop this worldwide genocide !?​


Copyright © 2017 reserved by Antoon Soetens

The invention cannot be used for commercial purposes without a written agreement.

all copies of the invention are safe stored worldwide. (
the judicial services have knowledge of the illogical method (pills)

NB:  The solution should not be used for commercial purposes -

please see also ​

FREE ENERGY: Prof John Searl has the solution:   

                      Please support Prof John Searl also his invention is boycotted, there is something wrong in our World !

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 updated: 5/11/2017