Sep 28


I am the first inventor who discovered two fundamental errors against the human rights, with a worldwide effect and who invented the solution.

1. health:  diseases cured with pills is a manipulation: they do not heal and give side effects
- non-organic products are packaged in a pill:

- so the mouth cannot verify the products.

- normally the mouth would react " spit out that poison"     

- from the biological system no 1 molecule or cell is known 100%,

- a scientist cannot treat the unprecedented organic system internally. (side effects and not healing will be the result)

The scientists have knowledge of their manipulation which harms human health, the side effects are the evidence.
I found the solution: see home   

2. sport: football (soccer)

discovery of an invalid rule # 11: the offside rule: 2003

the assistant holds an impossible task:

He must do an exact determination on 2 different places and this without freedom of move.

If his view is obstructed by players he has an impossible task.  

a rule may not contain an offense against the law.

Conclusion: football is by law not a sport !

See the solution invention 2000: 


The press, politicians… refuse to inform and to protect the people.

Is there someone who understands ?

Many registered letters has been sent to FIFA and football federations.

Where is the democracy and respect ?



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